How to easily Save Money when shopping online!

I don't know anyone who doesn't like to save a few bucks every time they shop. I have learned a trick. When you are at the checkout page of your favorite online shopping spot look for a box that says anything from; discount, coupon, deal, savings code or anything else related to a coupon. That means that somewhere on the net is an instant savings!

Go to your search engine of choice and type in (for example) "Hot Topic coupons" and you get back a ton of links. Some work, some don't, but isn't free shipping or 25% off worth the few minutes it takes to find one! Most of the time they work on the first link.

It's worth it for me. I've probably only paid shipping once in the last 6 months! I've gotten everything from 10-50% off on various items. What an easy way to save some money on what I was already going to buy!

So next time you want to buy flowers, clothing, coffee, cookies, cars, toys, books, movies, CD's, MP3's - anything - look for the discount box when checking out! It will save you a bunch! Maybe even enough for a couple of tanks of gas!

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