Art for MEDEA

Just brought 4 images home framed and ready to go to the theatre! That makes 5 total. I have a ways to go but things are looking up! And the images are AWESOME! Printed on a Picasso canvas and laminated with an archival lam to preserve the rich colors!

These are the images for the Medea performance. They are all limited to 10 each.

"The Unfortunate Wife"
This is the Kings daughter that Jason
runs off with and leaves Medea for.
Medea gives her a wedding gift of
poison garments. She sadly does not make it nor her father that comes to help.

"Jason's Lament"
The ultimate sin against Jason, Medea slays their two small children. The moment Jason hears of his two son's untimely death at the hands of their mother Medea.

"Medea - The Poisonous Mother"
She grieves at the act she has done. But the
pleasure of Jason's pain is her solitude.

"Medea - Like a Woman Scorned"
She's in her own Hell now. The things she has done make her both sorrowful and gleeful. Every day you can hear sobs of laughter coming from her room.


Medea said...

Wow, I was searching on Google for cool Medea art pics. We just read Medea in my Mythology course in college & I just fell in love with it! I accidentally found your sight, and I must say your artwork is beyond amazing and beautiful! All I can say is wow. Very striking, and I really have no words...just captures what the play is, esp'lly Medea.

Audra Phillips said...

Thank you so much! It was a blast doing artwork for the play! There's more art over at glad you accidentally found my art. :)