I've expanded my artistic endeavors . . . I love creating the digital art but wanted to get back to a more hands on approach. Thus, Steampunk clay art was born. Each are hand created from polymer clay, baked, then painted.
Steampunk art by me.

These sell as quick as I can make them and I end up doing a lot of custom pieces because of it. If there's anything you have in mind please let me know. I can make about anything you have in mind.

Rose the Mystical Dragon. SOLD

Lenard the Steampunk Lizard - SOLD

Steampunk Vial Holder - Special request - SOLD

To see more please visit my website: Special requests are my specialty.

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kieric junius miles said...

The Vial Holder I have is amazing, and I get so many comments on it! Your artwork..actually ALL of inspirational and clever.