My NEW Etsy Shop is finally up!

Audra Phillips Dark Art - The Etsy shop is fully up and ready to go. I've got 12 original "Death Mask" pieces up - so far. There will be more. I will be putting up limited edition prints, Steampunk sculptures and maybe even some creative sculptured jewelry. I promise nothing too foofy! There's too many foofy things on Etsy already. And I'm anything but foofy! *~Foof!~*

 Creepy Baby Head Hanger This little gem is adorable on your wall or even a Christmas tree. (Put a light behind him and see it shine from his gaping mouth and eye sockets!) A very affordable way to start a "Creepy Collection".
This Guy - What to say about this Wise Sage Death Mask? I'm pretty sure he comes to life at night and will tell you stories that chill you to the bone. The Wise Sage is hand sculpted from polymer clay and signed on the back. Everyone is different. I never really plan out hot the piece will come out. They take on a life of their own, create their own personalities, expressions and soul. Not a mass produced item. Original one of a kind pieces.

(Not to be a name dropper, but I can now...) People like Kat VonD and Clive Barker both own an original Audra Phillips art piece. Get one now before I get "super famous"! LOL! You can say, "I knew her when..."! I love this piece, it's one of my favorites.

Oh, Like Father, Like Sons, probably one of my stranger pieces. My take on society's decline. You act like a pig, your kids will follow. It's also a very unique, one of a kind art piece. All hand node by my, signed and dated on the back. Polymer clay "pigs" mounted on a stained pine board, ready to hang.

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