Been up to new and different things.

I've been kicked out of the 9-5 rat race and into entrepreneurship. I've started a Metaphysical, Witch, Wicca and Pagan Shop over at Etsy and on my new webstore at The Magick Cabinet.

Cute VooDoo dolls all hand stitched and ready to help you.

What is The Magick Cabinet all about?

I pride myself on doing things in the old traditional ways. My task in this lifetime, like many others before, is to help others in the purest love and light. Pagan and Proud.
The oil blends, herbal blends, salts and spells are personally hand created. I don't buy pre mixed herbs, oils or spells. I truly put a little of myself into every creation. And I hope that shows through in the quality of the products. I take care to package every item so it's like getting a gift in the mail. I want you to feel special. 
It's about helping people on their Spiritual journeys.
Enlightenment through metaphysical tools like;
  • Crystal energy and the power of stones.
  • Sacred oil blends for anointing self, stones, candles and tools.
  • Enchanted ritual bath crystals to clear away energy that's not serving you.
  • Ancient resins like: Dragons Blood, Black Copal, Golden Copal, Frankincense and Myrrh and spiritual mixtures....

It's also about a loving Pagan community. A safe place where those of us who are different from others can find solas in the friendship of others. 

The Universe really wants me to do this

The Universe tries to lead you on the right path, the more you choose not to listen the worse things become. Come back to the path and things seem to flow easily. My path has lead me from the corporate world where I was not happy, back to my nature. My nature, no matter how much I tried to fight it is that of a Witch.
I am not Wiccan, that's a religion. I am a natural born witch, from a long line of powerful witches. I have been a witch through all of my past lives and have retained information from each of those lives. 
I am a solitary witch and do not practice within a coven. I write my own spells and potion recipes. I collect my own herbs and only purchase the finest quality resins and essential oils from American businesses. 
I am a nature based witch, meaning I do a lot with the energies from stones, crystals, herbs and what nature and the Universe gives me. I also thank them for it. After all, that's why I'm here. I'm a Hedgewitch if you need to put a label on it. I do not hex or curse, so please don't ask. Karma's too much of a bitch and I don't play that game 

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